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The HME10 is small enough and light enough to transport on most utes and small trailers.
A truly great little versatile machine for doing an endless amount of jobs.
With the included Free quick hitch, 4 x buckets and other useful attachments ,there will be no more to spend after the initial purchase, just plenty of jobs to complete.

‣ Quality Diesel Engine made by KOOP
‣ Piped for hydraulic attachments such as auger
‣ 360 degree rotation
‣ Economical to operate and maintain
‣ 930mm track width for narrow access
‣ Front Dozer Blade
‣ Quick Hitch


1x HME10
1x 200mm GP Bucket
1x 380mm GP Bucket
1x 600mm Mud Bucket
1x Grab
1x Rake
1x Single Ripper
1x 200mm Auger

Tech Specs
Operating Weight
1,000 kg
4in1 Bucket Width
370 mm
Max. Travel Speed
1.2 km/h
Swing Speed
11 rpm
Max. Climbing Angle
30 °
Bucket Digging Force
10 kn
Working Pressure
16 mpa
Engine Power
10 hp
Rated Speed
3,000 rpm
Fuel Type
Engine Model
Engine Make
Number of Cylinders
Emission Standard
Euro V
Overall Length
2,200 mm
Overall Width
930 mm
Overall Height
2,150 mm
Track Length
1,230 mm
Track Width
930 mm
Max. Digging Depth
1,630 mm
Max. Digging Height
2,750 mm
Max. Dumping Height
1,820 mm
Max. Digging Radius
2,900 mm
Min. Swing Radius
1,300 mm
Max. Digging Distance
2,100 mm
Max. Dozer Lift Height
180 mm
Max. Dozer Dig Depth
210 mm
Seat Belt
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