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Customer Review: Handymax HM16 with Customized Flip Screen

Handymax HM16 Wheel Loader with Customized Flip Screen

We extend our sincere appreciation to our valued customer for sharing their experience with the Handymax Wheel Loader HM16, equipped with a customized flip screen on the front.

Our HM16 model is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for daily operations. Here's why:

Powered by a robust 75 Horse Power Diesel Engine. Equipped with 4 Speed Forward & 4 Speed Reverse capabilities. Features Four Wheel Drive 4x4 for superior traction and maneuverability. Utilizes Hydraulic Torque Converter and Power-shift Transmission for seamless performance. Offers an Air-conditioned Cabin for operator comfort. Includes a Rear Camera for enhanced visibility and safety. Equipped with Hydraulic Quick Hitch for effortless attachment changes. Experience the power and versatility of the Handymax Wheel Loader HM16, designed to streamline your work processes and deliver exceptional results.

Handymax HM16 Wheel Loader with Customized Flip Screen


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