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Introducing the HM26 Wheel loader: Your Heavy-Duty Helper!

 Introducing the HM26 Wheel loader: Your Heavy-Duty Helper!

Exciting news! A customer from Victoria just got our HM26 Wheel Loader. It's a fantastic machine with cool features! Equipped with a robust 125 HP diesel engine, our HM26 Wheel Loader effortlessly handles a variety of heavy-duty tasks. With its four-speed forward and four-speed reverse transmission and all-wheel drive 4x4 capability, this machine offers exceptional flexibility and performance! Plus, it comes with a Hydraulic Torque Converter and Power-shift Transmission, making operation even more convenient.

Purchasing the HM26 Wheel Loader entitles you to receive complimentary attachments, including 1x 4in1 Bucket, 1x Pallet Forks, 1x Spare Wheel, and 1x Basic Tools Box.

Ready to enhance your productivity with the HM26 Wheel Loader? Contact us today for more information!

Handymax Machinery

Phone: 03 9769 2888

24/7: 1300 077 999

Unit 2, 22 Park Drive, Dandenong South VIC 3175


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