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Seamless Delivery: Handymax Forklift HMF35 Ready to Roll !

Seamless Delivery: Handymax Forklift HMF35 Ready to Roll !

Exciting news! Our trusty Handymax Forklift HMF35 is all strapped in and poised for its journey on an impressive truck. We want to give a big shoutout to Steve and his exceptional team at Road Trans Haulage ( for their top-notch service.

This collaboration showcases our shared commitment to delivering high-quality equipment to our valued customers. Thanks to Steve and his team's expert handling, our forklift is en route, reinforcing our dedication to excellence.

We're immensely grateful to Steve and his team for their professionalism and unwavering support throughout this process. Partnerships like these ensure our customers receive equipment in pristine condition.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and stories from the world of Handymax machinery!


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