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Stay Cool, Versatile and Secure with the HANDYMAX All Terrain Forklift HMAT30 !

Stay Cool, Versatile and Secure with the HANDYMAX All Terrain Forklift HMAT30 !

We're thrilled to announce the official launch of our latest product, the HANDYMAX All Terrain Forklift HMAT30!

This powerhouse is designed to handle a range of terrains with ease, ensuring you have the flexibility you need for your tasks. Here's what you can expect:

Off-Road Versatility: Navigate different terrains effortlessly.

Container Accessibility: Easily move in and out of 40HC containers.

Impressive Lift Height: With a 2-stage container mast, it reaches heights of up to 3000mm.

Precision Handling: Equipped with a side-shift function for precise control.

Heavy-Duty Lifting: Capable of lifting 3000kg at a 500mm loader center.

Beat the Heat: Stay cool during scorching Australian summers with the A/C cabin, making it ideal for outdoor work.

Enhanced Stability: Achieve a remarkable 12-degree backward tilt degree, ensuring superior cargo stability on uneven terrain.

The HANDYMAX All Terrain Forklift HMAT30 is here to make your off-road tasks smoother, more efficient, and more secure. Contact us today to learn more and make this versatile forklift a part of your team! #HANDYMAX #NewRelease #AllTerrainForklift


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